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Severn Link Group Churches: 

   Holy Trinity, Coalbrookdale                                                   St. Michael's, Madeley

    St. Luke's, Ironbridge                                                               Sutton Hill Church

    St. Lawrence's, Little Wenlock                                                Woodside Church


St.Luke's church is at present undergoing redecorating and is, therefore, closed until June.



Telford Christians Together    -      10 weeks to explore who Jesus is:


midweek groups:

Mondays 7:30 pm - Jan Holt:

Wednesdays 7:30 pm - Beckie Dotson:

Thursdays 11:00 am - Rosemary Freeman:


Bible Study Groups: notes are available free to everyone.  All Study Groups are on Zoom but paper copies can be provided for personal reflection.  If you are interested in hearing more please contact one of the leaders.


News from Severn Gorge Countryside Trust in Coalbrookdale:-


'A little of what we have been up to this week: conducting our bi-annual access surveys, moving the Soay sheep, chopping logs and collaborating with Telford and Wrekin Council's Climate Change partnership.  Last weeks' newt survey was super, finding lots of newts present in two of the three ponds we surveyed, as well as an abundance of other creatures including dragonfly larvae and caddisfly larvae.  Most of the newts seem to have been palmate newts, but we may have spotted a great crested newt too.   The surveys are a first step in obtaining funding to support pond improvements that will benefit the ponds' residents.

'Following our palmate newts find, Neil Nash who is running Bioslog; a year-long survey of wildlife and plants, has invited volunteers to contribute any sightings this year within the Telford and Wrekin boundary to Neil at  Bioslog has reached around 500 species so far.

'This May we will be participating in 'No Mow May' on a few of our sites.  We will be putting up signs to encourage others to participate in 'No Mow May' too, and help provide more flowery food for hungry bees and other pollinators.

'This year's Mental Health Awareness week's theme is Nature (18-24 May).  You can find lots of lovely walks around the gorge on the Severn Gorge Countryside Trust website and Facebook.   Also, Jan, who co-ran our Feel Good Friday Forest Bathing walks in 2019/20, will be offering walks on the Attingham Estate.   I highly recommend!   This is the link to book onto a walk: Free Forest Bathing Walks.'













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